You go through pretty strange emotions while trying to get sketches.  Page two of my sketch book taught me a valuable lesson.  Talk to the artist and be prepared.
     I am a big fan of David Mack's run on Daredevil.  Upon arriving at comic con getting a sketch was the main thing on my mind.  I saw Mr. Mack and he looked busy.  There was a group around his area but after a few moments we conversed and he offered to do a sketch.
   Wait?  He didn't ask me what I want.  What's the standard procedure here?  I bet he'll draw something neat!
     He gave me back the sketch book and I had to force a smile and a 'Thank You'.  I walked away and looked down in horror?   What the crud is this?!  A what?  A Kabuki mask?  I don't know what that is but, already I know I don't like it!
     Though I am grateful to have his signature and the drawing of the ... Kabuki mask, I think it's totally lame.  Now you see why I am so glad I left my first page blank.  Could you imagine if my book started out with this?

     Little did I know David Mack would redeem himself in a much cooler way.

Thanks Dave Mack!!!



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