The unfortunate thing about getting free sketches, is that sometimes you have to get them from DC artists.  Within 30 minutes of being at Comic Con, I found myself trapped in the DC area.  My friend George traveled with me and he refused to move.  Thus I found myself in the enemy camp.  However, I was able to blend in and escape with my life.
     This sketch was drawn by Todd Nauck.  Todd was nothing but nice!  A class act all the way.  Kind.  Courteous.  An absolute pro.  I am always slightly scared when I turn the page and see Deathstroke glaring am me.

     Thanks Todd Nauck!



07/30/2016 03:57

Very interesting sketches is here and read this post to know about the unique thing about sketches. It is good to see that you didn't lost your hope when you found yourself in enemy camp.

08/14/2017 02:03

Nothing but pure art! DC characters are so full of energy even in such sketches. I'd love to have one of those just for me.


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