Are you kidding me?!  Dave Gibbons is 10 ft away from me and he's doing sketches?  Hurry!
      I quickly scamper over to the line with my friend George.  There's only like five people in front of us.   I am excited!  When I am in line at least 50% of my brain is stressing out about the what character I will ask the person to draw.  
     I have learned that many aspects go into the part where you ask them which character you'd like to see added to your sketchbook.  They may not remember what certain heroes look like and there's a good chance that they've never even drawn them before.
     That was not the case here.  Dave Gibbons drew 'WATCHMEN" and Rorschach is my favorite character.  This one was easy. Having a clear head allowed me to enjoy my surroundings and conversation.  George decided to get a sketch of Dr. Manhattan which turned out very nicely.
     When it was my turn I excitedly asked Mr. Gibbons  if he would draw Rorschach and as you can see he did.  He was a warm fellow, and in a very friendly mood.  Smiling the entire time he answered all of our questions.  Though Dave Gibbons believed that my name was also Dave, Rorschach forever remains skeptical.

--Thanks Dave Gibbons!!!



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