A classic DC double whammy!  Mere moments after meeting Dave Gibbons from WATCHMEN, I am getting a sketch from David Lloyd.  I never read the comic but, "V for Vendetta" is one of my favorite movies from past years.     
     As before, the gentleman sketching this new addition to my book is one of the nicest people I have met.  Kind and courteous, Dave brings life to the previously blank page.  Where there was nothing, now exists the grin of V.  Leering back at the viewer, you just know he's going to laugh last!
     This was the first page to have color added to it.  On the car ride home, more than once I asked my friend to show me pages from my book.  As I was driving I'd glance down with excitement.  This sketch being one of my new treasures.

--Thank you Dave Lloyd!!!



10/12/2015 05:04

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