Phew!  I finally got out of the DC area.  Now it's time to buy forgettable toys or maybe a T-Shirt.  What's this?  Getting sketches has taken control and I want another one real bad?  Okay.  Let's go see what this thing called "Artist's Alley" is all about.
     Boy, ... Artist's Alley is intimidating.  There are lots of people sitting behind desks.  Some look friendly, some don't, and some look desperate.  I must look like a deer in headlights.
     I stroll up and down the aisles and I eventually strike up conversation with a man sitting behind a desk with his daughter.  
     After an introduction it is revealed that his name is Howard Simpson.  He is casual, suave and friendly.  He has a drawing of Cat-Woman displayed proudly.  It is a fine pose!
     I bring up the prospect of sketches and he then explains his rates.  Oh ...  I am not sure if I am ready to pay for a sketch.
     He must have noticed I looked uncomfortable as he followed with, "I can draw a headshot for free if you'd like."
Would I?!  Yes!
     He asks me what I'd like to have drawn.  Out of ideas, I left it up to him, with a few parameters.  The sketch needs to be a Marvel character and a villain!  He said, "Okay" and began his drawing.
     He began to draw and I watched him closely.  Wait.  Why is he drawing a lady?  Didn't I say Villain?  Didn't I say Marvel?  What's going on?  Who is that, the Scarlet Witch?
     He is finished.  It is a good drawing!  It's "THE ENCHANTRESS"!!!!  She is one of THOR's enemies!
I am excited.  Mr. Simpson did a real good job adding ink.  It really makes the image pop.
     Not only did this fine artist provide me with my first villain, he also gave me my first female sketch.  The Enchantress is beautiful and I always make an effort not to drool on the page.

--Thanks Howard Simpson!!!     




07/01/2016 01:59

It will be more beautiful if fill colors in that sketch because that is looking very beautiful. We can save it and try to add color by ourselves that will be very nice practice of painting.

05/30/2017 23:50

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