I respect DC in some ways as a company but, for the most part i don't like them.  It's completely irrational and it all comes down to; I don't like the characters that much nor any of the stories.
     In the 60's when Marvel was shaping their universe and writing new types of super hero stories DC cranked out ridiculous stories.
     Batman wearing Zebra suits.  SuperBaby and Wonder Tot calling the shots.  It absolutely drives me nuts.  Superman from 1960-1980 has no personalty and a hero that can do everything is ... Super-Boring!
     That being said, I love "Batman: the Animates Series" and "Justice League: Unlimited" and a lot of their cartoons.
     So I don't fully hate them.  Hey, ... I bought that DC Encyclopedia that just came out and I like that too!
     This guy named Buzz who didn't talk much was in 'Artist's Alley' and did this nice gestural sketch of BATMAN.
Thanks Buzz!



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05/30/2017 23:51

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