Rabid Animal by Mike hersh
     I found myself wandering the aisles of Wizard World 2006.  This guy named Mike Hersh was selling his comics.
     I really like dudes who do their own thing and publish there own stuff.  His comic was called "Rabid Animal Comix" or something like that.
     It's a mix of 1980s film delinquency, 1940s Funny Animal comics, 1970s R. Crumb.  He was nice a wore a cool black leather jacket.  Just like that rabbit!
     I bought two or three of his comics and still enjoy them.  He did this humorous sketch of some of his Rabid Animals.  I appreciated his time and love this drawing.
Thanks Mike



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11/24/2015 06:44

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11/25/2015 08:25

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