This is quite possibly the most annoying page in my book ...  It's become an autograph page.
     I saw Tim Bradstreet a few times.  I really wanted to try and ge a sketch from him.  His Punisher covers were HUGE at the time.  I was a huge fan.  I don't love the slick hair Steven Segal type Punisher, but I like Bradstreet's style a lot
    He was mobbed and could't do a sketch but instead wrote his name and drew a little Punisher skull.  I vowed that one day I would get him do do a Punisher sketch and somehow incorporate the little skull.  never happened ...
     Cut to: Sand Diego 2010
Brian Bendis and Olivier Coipel are doing a signing.  I stood in line for 2 hrs hoping to get a sketch and Olivier Coipel wouldn't.  I understand him not doing it but, I was mad at Marvel.
     DC is very good at cons by letting the fans know what's going on.  They will let you know who is sketching or signing with signs and polite employees.
     Marvel's meet and greet are poorly organized.   They think everyone is interested in the movie props but that stuff is lame.  Marvel needs to do a better job of letting the fans know if the artist is doing sketches.
     The other autograph is Kurt Busiek.  I thought he was someone else and got red faced when he said he doesn't draw.  I had him sign this page.  I may add more signatures to it in the future.  I don't know.  A very forgettable page.



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