Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen 2006
     Walking through the twists and turns of aisles, I came upon Erik Larsen.  He was doing sketches of Savage Dragon.
     I asked him if he was drawing anything other than Savage Dragon as I wasn't too familiar with that character.
     He said, "No but, if I was, what would you ask me for?"
     I drew a blank.  I remember my friend telling me  that he drew Spider-Man in the 90's.
     I said, "Spider-Man" excitedly, as if I was a fan of his run.  He gave me a look that said, "Ugh.  So predictable.  Here's your Savage Dragon.  get outta here."
     (He was very nice and in no way do I intend to portray him like a jerk.  It was just a vibe I got from a look.)
     This sketch is awesome and feels historic to me.
Thanks Erik Larsen



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04/07/2017 18:56

Eric Larsen has a very unpredictable personality. It reflects on his " savage dragon" artwork. What could be the reason why he's exclusive into drawing this type of art? I'm sure the back story of this one is interesting! By the way, he was right! Spiderman is so predictable and very common. How I wish you said more mysterious character to him. He could have considered drawing it!

05/15/2017 20:53

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