This sketch was a commission sketch.  Bernard Chang did an awesome sketch of Deadpool for my buddy.  He pointed out Bernard and I asked if he could draw Colossus.  He said yes, but seemed unsure about it.  
     I walked away for a bit and came back about 45 minutes later, giving him time to do his thing.
      I returned, and it was done.  He handed it to me and I remember thinking it was okay.  He didn't seem as he loved it either.
     There is nothing bad about it and now I blame myself.  Colossus is hard to draw and doesn't have a lot of distinguishing features.  
     I love Colossus and I really like the sketch.  It just doesn't jump out like some of the others do.  I hate to be a downer but, it's how i feel.
Thanks Bernard!



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12/08/2015 09:10

Some bright lights needed.

01/03/2016 23:41

You should finish your sketch)

02/19/2017 08:53

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08/01/2017 23:52

I cherish Colossus and I truly like the outline. It simply doesn't bounce out like a portion of the others do. I would rather not be a killjoy be that as it may, it's the means by which i feel


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